About Us

Renewable energy sources are the way forward. I know that this has been said for decades - but it is a true statement! Once all of the non-renewable sources run out, we’re going to need to start using renewable energy. Why not get ahead of the curve and get your solar panels early? 

Hi, my name is Joe Danner, and I am a keen believer in using renewable energy before it becomes a must. Currently, the majority of the world is still using fossil fuels while solar panels and wind turbines are a minority. 

However, what people are seeming to skip over is the fact that solar panels are becoming cheaper every year. But what is going to happen when everyone needs a solar panel to power their homes? The prices are going to soar again.

I started my renewable energy journey 11 summers ago, and the savings that I have made have been unbelievable. My solar panels are set to pay for themselves in just a few months! 

I will recommend renewable energy to anyone, as there are so many new products coming out to be used with it. That is why I have created this website, to reach a larger audience and try to convince you that solar panels are the way forward! 

Get onboard before the price of these amazing products skyrockets again. Trust me - you won’t regret it.